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Laurie and Chris

My husband and I relocated to Tampa approximately four months ago. Not knowing the area and without a lot of time, we rented an apartment that is a horrible place to live. We originally wanted to wait a year to find the right place, but, the conditions were so poor at this rental facility, we started our search for a home. It is important to let everyone know that my husband and I had no friends or contacts to rely on for any assistance in the Tampa area.

I started to look online for homes, although we were not ready. Not quite sure how I came to know Loyal Ritter (I’m assuming I clicked on one of his properties). From that point forward, Loyal was (and still is) the finest, most professional realtor I have ever worked with. He respected the fact that we weren’t quite ready, yet he did send us properties that met our criteria. It was only two weeks before we were out looking at properties. My husband and I have both owned properties in our past, but not in this area. Loyal was informative, took us out and gave us a tour of the area, recommended restaurants and places like dog grooming or grocery shopping that was close to our new home. In addition, he showed us expressways, shortcuts and everything anyone would need and want to know, again without being pushy or inconsiderate.

I am happy and proud to say that not only did Loyal Ritter find us our dream home, but he LISTENED to every word we had to say and when it came to make an offer, he was informative and got us the home we desired along with the price.

I would recommend Loyal to ANYONE and EVERYONE I know now or in my future. If you are looking for an honest, down to earth realtor that will WORK for you, whether you are a buyer or a seller, do not waste your time with anyone else – contact Loyal. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Thank you Loyal for your great work and let’s have a BBQ soon!

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